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You check out Della Perrett's Sweetedge on Reverb Nation, Facebook and Myspace

Della has played sax in a number of bands over the years, like Rhythm Collision and Burnt Ice

Sweetedge record at Empire Studio, home of JRP Music Services and at the legendary Woodworm Studio in Oxfordshire.

For some of the best roots and blues music take a look at The Barking Spider website.

For some music in a more acoustic style take a look at the Stiff Promotions website.

If you want to keep up with some of the musical goings-on in the Portsmouth area including regular news about Messclean nights then take a look at The Pompey Music Scene and sign up to Portsmouth's longest running Internet music resource The pompey-music mailing list.

If you are interested in learning more about the music business around Portsmouth then take a look at The Volt.

We would also like to thank Steve Spurgin who took some of the pictures on our album cover at Southsea Bandstand.